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How to maintain stainless steel buckle

Stainless steel fasteners in his switch door, holding the best handle lock tongue into the lock, closed the door and then let go, don't bang the door, otherwise it will reduce the service life. Do not use wet cloth to wipe the lock and handle, because some metallic lock will rust; lock alloy material will lose coating worn, beautiful appearance. According to the name of the metal, it can be roughly divided into the following types:
1., the strength and cost of the steel material is good, the cost is low, the coating is generally applied, but the oxidation resistance is poor, and it is easy to rust and changeable.
2. stainless steel material from a durable point of view, the best material should be stainless steel, especially for surface materials, the more bright. Its strength is good, the resistance to rot is strong and the color is constant.
3., zinc alloy material zinc alloy material, its strength and rust resistance are inferior to stainless steel, but its advantage is that it is easy to make complex parts, especially pressure casting. The most complicated locks on the market are made of zinc alloy. Zinc alloy material, its stainless steel clasp strength and anti rust ability is much worse, but its advantages are easy to make complex patterns parts, especially pressure casting. The hardware locks of the more complex patterns seen on the market are probably made of zinc alloys, and consumers should carefully identify them. Steel, the strength is good, the cost is low, but easy to rust, generally used as a lock internal structure material, not to be used as an external decoration. Aluminum or aluminum alloy, ordinary aluminum alloy (except for aerospace use) soft and light, material strength is lower, but easy to process forming.

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