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How to pick out stainless steel draw latch?

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Update time : 2018-07-24 10:28:48

How to choose stainless steel draw latch is the problem of more customer headache. There are many kinds of stainless steel buckle lock, and the function is similar, but it is difficult to choose one suitable for their own buckle lock. Here we introduce how to choose the stainless steel clasp lock.

How to choose stainless steel draw latch

In most cases, the form of latch-up plane installation, the size is also 100 mm long, 50 mm wide. If it is not a special buckle, you can usually choose it from our website. The following aspects should be paid attention to when selecting and buying:

1. Look at the material, to make sure the material is no problem, some manufacturers do the material is second-hand material or not authentic material.

2. Look at the function, whether the function is smooth, whether there is unreasonable design structure, whether the spring strength is appropriate.

3. Look at the service of the shopping mall, maybe the majority of domestic customers do not attach much importance to the so-called service, as long as the product OK on the line. In fact, this involves a long-term supply problem, and when the supply relationship is established, communication between customers and manufacturers is important, especially for long-term cooperative customers, unless you buy it once. So pay attention to it.
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