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DK431 Stainless Steel Hasp Toggle Clamp Heavy Duty Latch

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Update time : 2018-05-16 16:24:26
  This product has a long name, which is probably what professional customers call it. However, from the literal understanding, it is also easy to stainless steel hasp toggle clamp, which refers to the buckle lock which is generally loaded or fastened and can adjust the degree of its fastener. Correspondingly, it is generally used for heavier production equipment, special vehicles and so on. Often in the operation process will be more difficult than ordinary adjustment box buckle, and some even need our hands to operate.
  The scope of its use, the most clear is our customers, different customers use different places, because the adjustable heavy buckles belong to a functional industrial fastener. Functional product customers, if they feel they can use OK on their own products, are a little too unprofessional. We have summed up some customer use cases, most of which are used in heavy industrial boxes, sanitation vehicles, sprinklers, and fixture and fixtures.
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