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What is the difference between metal adjusting latch and toggle latch?

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Update time : 2018-08-19 08:23:48
1. What is metal adjusting button?
  The metal adjusting button refers to a kind of adjustable box buckle or lock catch. The metal adjusting buckle can be adjusted, so its application range is wider than ordinary buckle.
  One of the most common metal adjustable buckles on the market is the one shown on the left, also known as the stainless steel adjustable latch.

2. what material is used for metal adjustment buttons?
  Metal adjustable latch is of course made of metal, specifically, stainless steel, stainless steel here mainly refers to 304 stainless steel, there is also the zinc alloy material, these two are widely used in the market, other materials are less used.

3.how about the style of metal adjusting buttons?
  There are many types of metal adjustable metal toggle hasp toolbox latch, but regardless of style or structure, its role is similar, mainly in the use of the process can adjust the degree and size of the fastening, sometimes we fasten the object will produce a distance, so the need to adjust the distance to adapt to the fastening, which requires the use of metal adjustable buckles.

The metal adjustable buckle is mainly the one shown in the picture above, which adjusts the length of the hook by threading. This is the most common way of adjusting metal locks.

4. what are the characteristics of metal adjusting buttons?
  The characteristic of the metal adjusting buckle is that it can adjust the length and degree of the fastening, so that it can adapt to different fastening distances of objects, many times our customer's equipment will have vibration phenomenon, which in the course of use, a long time, fastening objects will be loose, if it can not be adjusted, it needs to adjust the object book. Body.
  The use of metal adjusting buckle, then solve this problem, just need to adjust the thread distance a little. Even you can add a padlock fastener to prevent vibration.

5. how to install metal adjustment buttons?
  How to install metal adjusting buckle is a more important problem. When installing, we need to take into account the phenomenon that the object will relax. We need to determine the location of the installation on the spot and the distance between the fastener and the fastener. We need to make the best use of the thread adjustment. If the installation size of this benchmark is not well controlled, it is easy to occur that the thread can not be adjusted, because we calculate the size dead.  That's right. Especially some toolbox buttons.
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